Scam Warning - Recruitment Scams Targeting Jobseekers

05 Feb 2024
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We have recently been made aware that some people have been targeted by scammers pretending to be from Sentiva offering potential jobs.Scam warning

Employment scammers often pose as legitimate recruiters, employers, recruitment consultants or job placement firms, advertising false job opportunities through WhatsApp messages, text messages and emails. They aim to cheat jobseekers out of money or to steal personal information.

Sentiva does not communicate with candidates via Whatsapp at any point of the recruitment process. If you have any concerns regarding how genuine a text message is, please contact us directly.

Be very careful and look for some common signs:

  • Too Good to be True Offers - If a job offer seems too good to be true - offering high pay for little work, no experience necessary, etc - it often is.
  • Unprofessional Communication - scammers may use personal rather than business email addresses and their messages may be filled with poor grammar and spelling errors
  • Upfront Payment Requests - Legitimate employers will never ask for money upfront. Scammers may ask for fees for background checks, job training, or work-at-home supplies.
  • Requests for Personal Information - Be wary if you are asked for sensitive personal information, such as your bank details, especially early in the job process and without a clear need for it.
  • Rushed Hiring Process - If you're offered a job without an interview or if the hiring process seems unusually quick, it could be a scam.

To protect yourself from employment scams:

  • Research - Research the company and the individuals involved. Check if the company has a physical address and check the email addresses or phone numbers given to you.
  • Protect Personal Information - Never share sensitive personal information until you have confirmed the legitimacy of the company and have a formal job offer.
  • Contact Directly - If you're unsure, make direct contact with the company using official contact details from their website. Be careful not to use any contact details provided in the suspicious job advertisement or email.
  • Trust Your Instincts - If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.

Please share this information with colleagues and friends. Together, we can guard against employment scams and ensure that our job-seeking experience is safe and productive. You can find more general information at Employment fraud | Action Fraud.

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