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We offer an expert Search Engine Optimisation service for companies who wish to climb the Google rankings and achieve more traffic, leading to more sales.

Our service is completely White Hat, which means we only use honest techniques which are approved by Google and result in long-term, robust results.

We don’t make wild claims or unrealistic guarantees - instead we analyse the data, objectives and competition to create realistic, achievable targets for a reasonable price.

Search Engine Optimisation can broadly be split into two areas: on-page and off-page. We utilise both these sides in order to achieve the best results.

On Page Optimisation

On-page optimisation is everything you do ‘on the page’ or on the website itself. This includes file names, metatags, titles, alt tags, headings, internal links, content and structure. Google prefers all websites to be laid out and labelled in a certain way, and rewards sites that follow these conventions.

We can take an existing site and assess its adherence to Google’s rules, ensuring that keywords are inserted in all the key areas. Effective on-page optimisation can have a huge effect on a website’s rankings.

Web Design

Off Page optimisation

This is everything you do outside of the website itself to improve rankings. The original Google algorithm was based on a ‘voting’ system – the more websites that linked to your site, the more ‘votes’ you were deemed to have, and the more priority your site would be given in the listings. Off-page optimisation is about building good quality links to your site.

This may be done through listing the site on directories, syndicating articles that link to the site, social networking on facebook, pinterest, twitter, google+ etc, and creating a network of content in a range of different places that link back to the website.

"The difference between Sentiva and other web design companies I have used in the past is that Sentiva listen." Alexander Economou, Streetmate
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