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Overview - Our Web Design Services

We offer a range of flexible website packages with clear, transparent pricing. All our sites are Google friendly and are easy to update in just a few clicks. All packages include all the essentials, such as bespoke design, domain name, email and search engine optimisation.

Read on for more details of how we make the process of getting a business website as painless and enjoyable as possible.

Consultation - Getting to know your business

We start by having a phone or face-to-face consultation with you, to learn more about your key services, what makes your business tick. and what your objectives are for the future. Then together, we decide how the website can best represent you and work towards increasing the number of enquiries that will have the greatest impact on your profits.

We're proud of our ability to speak in simple English, and not use jargon or terms that sound grandiose but don't serve to carify the situation. 

Web Design
Web Design

Design - Creating a beautiful web design that reflects you

Humans are very visual creatures, and the immediate impression your website gives will be critical in whether a potential customer decides to pick up the phone or fill in an enquiry form. 

It's also vital that the website truly reflects the business - whether it be a vast corporation or a family run local business. It's not just about getting leads, its about getting the right leads.

All our websites are clean and simple, with colours, elements and layouts that immediately speak to the visitor and help guide them through the information provided with the greatest of ease.

Development - Building a robust, responsive website

We use modern best practices to ensure all our websites are reliable, responsive and future-proof. This includes following Google guidelines and ensure the websites are fast to load and work equally well across desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

A basic CMS system is included in all our sites, which means you are able to update the text and images on each page yourself, without needing any technical knowledge beyond being able to send an email. The framework means consistent design styles will be automatically applied to your changes, without you needing to do anything.

Web Design
Web Design

An ongoing partnership

We don't consider the launch of the website the end of our job. A lot of features are built into the website from the day we first start writing the code that will help it perform well on Gogle and other search engines, but there is plenty of tweaking and fine tuning that can go on into the future.

We host and maintain the vast majority of our clients' sites, giving them peace of mind that their website will be reliable and will continue to increase its visitor numbers as time goes by.

When there are major changes in the landscape, such a technology becoming obselete or new legislation being passed that affects our products, we do whatever is needed to keep all our clients's websites relevant and up to date.

We have a very high client retention rate, which speaks for itself, and many of our clients have remained with us since our business was launched over ten years ago.

"Sentiva have proved to be one of the best business decisions I have had to make." Colin Moulds, Changing Pathways
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