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We create software solutions designed to turn your business into a lean, (not so) mean, efficient machine. We don’t just build software to the letter, we make sure we understand your underlying business needs so we can create the best solution for you.

Tailored to you

We build bespoke desktop software systems, combining a large dash of the tried and tested with a generous splash of inspired thinking, to come up with the best possible solution for you.

We love working with businesses of all sizes and delivering robust, effective business software solutions on time and in budget.

Web Design
Web Design

Beautiful inside and out

We believe that software should be beautiful. When we create a system for you, ensuring that our work looks as good behind the scenes as it does on the surface makes us feel secretly proud.

Measure twice, cut once

Our obsessive approach to understanding your business and planning your project means we’re able to design and build systems that are as close to perfect as possible, saving time and getting your solution to you faster.

But we also recognise that in the world of modern technology, what you need from your product can change almost as soon as it’s been built. That’s why part of our careful planning process is to build a high level of flexibility into the project as it progresses.

Web Design
Web Design

Talking technical

We specialise in the Microsoft technology stack, including Windows Server / Desktop, the .NET framework (C#) and SQL Server. But we’re not just a one operating system kind of crew; if you need something developing for iOS, we’ve got you covered there too.

Case study: Stock and customer management system

A company which takes in large amounts of unwanted IT equipment from a variety of organisations, refurbishes items and then sells them on, asked us to create a system that would allow them to track all the items they deal with.

The firm wanted a solution that would enable them to add an item to their database once it had been ordered, match it against this entry when it was delivered to the factory, and record every stage of the refurbishment process as the item progressed through.

Dealing with equipment used to store information means the firm has to comply with the Data Protection Act, so it’s crucial for all staff to be clear on where an item is in the refurbishment process to ensure that no steps are missed out.

Web Design
Web Design

The firm was previously using a spreadsheet solution, but this was open to inputting errors and the potential for data to easily be accidentally lost, so they wanted something more robust and accountable.

As well as assigning each item its own unique ID, the software we created for them also issued each staff member with a unique login, enabling different levels of access to be set for different staff members, and for all activity to be logged and accountable.

This meant everyone could see at a glance what work had been carried out on a specific item and by who, making the whole operation more accurate and efficient and reducing the possibility of mistakes being made.

"Sentiva provide a professional, creative and solutions-driven service whilst speaking in a language that everyone can understand." Anna Fowler, Stronger Together
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