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Website Consultation Questions

In order to make sure we create the best website to meet the objectives of each client, we ask a long list of questions we've developed over the years.

Below are some of them. If you're thinking about getting a website, then we recommend considering your answers to these questions to help ensure you get the right website first time.


Why do you want a website?

Many people who come to us know that they want a website, but they don't know exactly why.

We think it's important to have clear, quantifiable objectives for each new website so that we can be sure every site is working hard to earn its keep, as well as pushing towards more intangible benefits such as reputation and credibility enhancement.

Business Analysis

  1. Describe your products / services

  2. What is the customer profile? B2B? B2C? (individuals, small businesses, corporations, public organisations, something specific?)

  3. What is the average / potential value of a single enquiry?

  4. What are you expecting to achieve from the new website? (no. of new leads / sales)?

  5. What makes you different from your competitors?


The website and branding

  1. Is there an existing logo / colourscheme?

  2. Do you have an initial idea of volume / content of pages?

  3. Is ecommerce required?

  4. What is the status of the domain name?

  5. Have you seen any other websites you like the look of?

Search Engine Optimisation

  1. How high priority is SEO?

  2. What are the target keywords already identified?

  3. Does coverage need to be local / regional / national / international?

  4. What free information can the client provide on the website?

  5. Does the client effectively use social media?

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