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Web design for sterling silver handmade jewellery shop

Web design for sterling silver handmade jewellery shop


Little Gems Jewellery's Website

Little Gems Jewellery have been trading for over 15 years selling quality sterling silver jewellery.

During this time we have gathered extensive knowledge concerning all aspects of  925 sterling silver jewellery designs, quality and fashion. 

Some items from Little Gems Jewellery are unique handmade  pieces made with responsibly sourced components.


Our Web Design Work

Little Gems Jewellery is a small company who wanted to supplement the sales they made at in person events with an online shop.

So we created an ecommerce store, where the owner has full access to upload products, create categories and manage sales.

The site allows the easy creation of discount codes and gift vouchers, to boost sales and offer customers more options.

It also includes allows visitors to sign up for a mailing list to receive exclusive special offers - so the company can build up a list of warm leads.

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